Our Story


I technically started this blog a year ago….well, chose the name… that is about as far as I got… imagine that – with two toddlers and a new home.  So here we are, a year and a half into our first home. This summer we took a trip to Yellowstone with the kids, and it changed us!


 Dustin (husband) and I have always been country kids to our cores. Even living in in city limits inside a town of under 4,000 people didn’t seem to be too much like city living for us.. Until we took this road trip! We came back from seeing these majestic mountains and wildlife to re-entering the rat race of life, and we did not like! Right away Dustin wanted to sell it all and become the newest mountain family of Montana.. luckily I convinced him that some acreage near our home towns would be suitable. Now we have started down the road of updating our home, in hopes to sell in the spring of 2016 and start our dream to simplicity and some-what self sufficiency.

Who is ready for the rollercoaster?


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